Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alma High School Activity

The pre-service teachers, Tolga, and Janis all joined Lisa and Steve at Alma High School on Friday, February 22.  The lesson today was titled 'Fruit Batteries' and we worked with a great group of students who were assigned to light as many LED lights using fruits, vegetables, and liquids (soda, bleach, and vinegar).  A challenge at first--students discovered that lining materials in series rather than parallel yielded higher voltage and therefore lit more LED's! After using as many materials as each team desired, a challenge to only use one fruit or vegetable was proposed. Student's had great ideas and discovered sectioning their fruit or vegetable into many pieces provided more volts than the whole.  One team, sectioning a grapefruit was able to reach 8 volts!

Student using his teeth to strip the wire

We have power! 

Impressive voltages

Hmmm, how can you maximize the power?

Jackie assisting with questions

Steve encouraging a student to split up the potato

Steve helping his student 

Coming up with a plan

Michelle and Jackie did a great job with reflection questions

Starting materials for the battery 

We made it! 

Michelle and Levi looking at this group's work

Student collaboration

Janet's team

Trying to use only one fruit 

Series for the most power! 

                                                              Check out these videos!
Overall, teachers and students enjoyed the process of using simple materials to make a battery as well as understanding the differences between materials and how they relate to generating power. It was great to see kids be competitive and want to produce the most voltage! We thank Lisa and Steve as well as their students for being such great hosts and having us in their classrooms!

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